“I work in the dental field and have experience dealing with several orthodontic offices. There are some good ones out there, but I’m so glad I ended up choosing Dr. Veltkamp’s office for my child! We get really great personal attention, my questions are always answered, and they make sure to explain what is happening to my daughter as well. I love that they check in with her and help her understand what is happening and make sure she is comfortable. She LOVES going to her ortho appointments now. Everyone in the office is great to deal with (these folks are pretty funny) — you can tell the staff really get along, which creates a great environment.”

— Jasmine B.

“We highly recommend Dr. Trevor Veltkamp for any of your ortho needs. He is honest, knowledgeable, friendly, caring, and doesn’t make you feel dumb for asking any questions! He also takes interest in our personal life as well. He cares about his patients. And his staff ... phenomenal! Love them!”

— Brian M.

The staff is delightful. Dr Veltkamp is great with the service he provides. He made my teeth look so much better. Unbelievable how much better I feel with a nice smile now. I am one of his older patients and am glad I finally took the plunge with this doctor and his staff. They were welcoming, friendly and always helpful. Thank you for a smile I like!”

— Nancy L.

“My son just completed his braces process. The doctor was always amazing with him and the staff was very caring. Dr. Veltkamp kept us informed and always gave our family options as far as what was next. The front desk staff was always willing to work with us with scheduling, and greeted the family with a smile at every appointment. The assistants were so great with my son and always in good moods, which helps at 7:40 a.m. appointments. I would highly recommend this office to friends.”

— Carrie M.

This is the best office! Everyone is so happy and friendly and Dr. Veltkamp has done an amazing job fixing all three of my kids’ teeth. I highly recommend them to everyone!”

— Santina L.

“Dr. Veltkamp and his staff were incredibly kind and generous to me, and I loved the care I received at his office. It’s always a little nerve-wracking having someone put their hands in your mouth, but his whole staff just put me at ease. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging there. They were very professional in their work, and even though I asked a lot of questions, they were always patient with me and never made me feel as though I was a nuisance.

“I had some issues with overcrowding in my mouth, and Dr. Veltkamp was able to work very closely with my dentist, and I ended up with the best smile I could have ever imagined. He guaranteed all of his work and his rates were very reasonable. You can tell they really care about the people they are working with, I never felt like a number there. I would highly recommend Dr. Veltkamp for orthodontic work! The couple of friends and family members that I have sent to him have also been more than pleased with their treatment process and their outcomes.”

— T.S.